"She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

The only people who can believe in a God who says "Bury yourself" are the people who know they deserve to die.He tells us to die and be made new, and I forget it's a daily choice. I forget my cross carrying and start throwing myself a parade.I was busy tossing candy at the commoners … Continue reading "She Reads, She Paints, She Sets Things On Fire"

A Sanballat of A Day

I live a tiny life.I make it small for safety's sake, for the sake of my own fragility that I feel every day when my ankles click from spraining them in Basketball when I was 12, for the sake of my broken hearts, my broken dreams, my invisible fears. I live a tiny life.The other … Continue reading A Sanballat of A Day

Lessons from Starbucks

I've had too much caffeine.It's 11 p.m...I feel like I just woke up and went skydiving. Oops.I was at Starbucks tonight to help edit a bible study.I learned some things about myself:- I should not drink Chai Tea late in the evening...or in public.- I should not eat a cupcake after drinking tea. I thought … Continue reading Lessons from Starbucks

Appreciating the Regular and Maybe-Not-So-Fabulous

It started off being a comfortable day, until about 1 p.m. when my preferred pace of snail was disrupted because I remembered I'd signed up to take food to a family today. This family had just celebrated the arrival of their first child. They needed food.When I had my first born, it was a fog … Continue reading Appreciating the Regular and Maybe-Not-So-Fabulous

Baby Steps to the Cheerios

I read the back of the Cheerios box this morning, because I'm always word-hungry. If you register the code online the company will donate a dollar to help the underprivileged get cholesterol screening. I don't think much about cholesterol screening, and I don't even like Cheerios (I give them to my son who hasn't discovered … Continue reading Baby Steps to the Cheerios

The Truth is Often Hard to Love

In every part and corner of our life, to lose oneself is to be the gainer; to forget oneself is to be happy. ~Robert Louis StevensonMy life oozes childhood.I hear it in the whoosh of a hundred legos streaming onto my no longer clean floor and the laundry machine thumps with the constant beat of … Continue reading The Truth is Often Hard to Love