While the Cats Were Away

In the name of healthy marriage and healthy friendships, Derrick and I stepped out into the big world without our dear sweet children.We have a wonderful babysitter, who I shall mention by name because A) I have nothing but good things to say about her B) She has sworn that she will never, ever read … Continue reading While the Cats Were Away


The sun is shining after days of rain, and it has seeped into my bones, making me excitable and giddy. My list is longer than some days, when it rains. I am in a time of overabundant blessings, mountaintop highs. I'll record my happiness for when it rains again and I am in a valley, … Continue reading Sunshine

The Cressida Chronicles (Circa 1998)

Once there was a white station wagon, circa 1980's. It's name was "The Cressida". It's speakers were wired wrong: you could hear the radio perfectly outside of the car. Inside the car, you needed to turn the speakers up to 11 just to hear the chorus. My theory is they were wired backwards.Enter High School … Continue reading The Cressida Chronicles (Circa 1998)