Rock and Roll Tricycle Style

This morning Sheldon, in toothy desperation, bit Q on the leg and left a nice puffy mark. Quinten now runs from his baby brother and screams "I have to get away from Mr. Bite-y!" He actually climbed onto a piece of furniture when Shel crawled his direction.I took Mr. Bite-y and his shell shocked brother … Continue reading Rock and Roll Tricycle Style

I Like Bugs! I Like Bugs!

The gift for today is: APHIDS!"What?" you ask,' Those hideous microscopic green things that eat roses and plants and all things beautiful? The insects that leave holes and mucus wherever they roam?"Example A (my sad little tomato plant):Yes, yes. Aphids. Aphids are today's gift, because "There can be no good news without bad news. We … Continue reading I Like Bugs! I Like Bugs!

Baby Steps to the Cheerios

I read the back of the Cheerios box this morning, because I'm always word-hungry. If you register the code online the company will donate a dollar to help the underprivileged get cholesterol screening. I don't think much about cholesterol screening, and I don't even like Cheerios (I give them to my son who hasn't discovered … Continue reading Baby Steps to the Cheerios