Merry Mayhem With Weapons…and Pink Eye

Can you find the Christmas cat?The days have been filled with coffee and sugar cookies and more coffee. They have been runny nose, ear infection, pink-eye days, but they've been decorated with e e cummings poetry, plastic ornaments and pine needles.On Monday I enlisted my mother to help me make Christmas sugar cookies. I have … Continue reading Merry Mayhem With Weapons…and Pink Eye

Because I Used to Hide and Cry

¬†When I die, bury me in candy. Maybe not in Crunch bars, but Butterfingers and Milky Ways. Dance at my funeral and comfort my bones with sweet things. Ignore the absence of dental work.Pay attention while you can, to the vibrant colors that make up the world. The flaming orange of the fall pumpkins. The … Continue reading Because I Used to Hide and Cry

The Magical Ordinary

In the morning, a terrible mist comes to me. Foggy and groggy, I stumble around the coffee maker, blind. I think everything is grey and stale. My coffee is lukewarm. There are mountains of dirty diapers and my shirt smells like spit, and everything is awful.Despite my disposition, the world still sparks; I'm not so … Continue reading The Magical Ordinary

I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

Rocket ManCandle in the WindBenny and the JetsTiny Dancerumm...Crocodile RockThat's all I've got. I just had to share another "Shel in Costume" moment. I don't know what is going on with this dude and dressing up, but I do know that I find it hilarious. I just go about my business, making peanut butter and … Continue reading I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

Shingles and Spiders

First of all, what's for dinner? Because I have no idea. I should probably go defrost something right now. I woke up this morning to the DOORBELL, which is disconcerting when you have morning hair. Luckily Derrick was there to shove out of bed, he doesn't have to worry about making his hair look presentable.It … Continue reading Shingles and Spiders

‘The Hidden Costs of Superhero Housing’ or ‘Why I’m Tired All The Time’

My son loves this little cucumber hero named Larry Boy:So I made him a Larry Boy helmet:Now is the time for you to marvel at my innovative and creative ways. He's been fighting crime lately, reporting on the local citizens ("MOM! Sheldon isn't SHARING and CARING!"), and practicing citizen's arrests ("MOM! Sheldon is being naughty … Continue reading ‘The Hidden Costs of Superhero Housing’ or ‘Why I’m Tired All The Time’

The Messy Wonderful of Monday

I stopped counting gifts for a long while; it seemed like a lie. I wanted to stop blogging as well, but instead I waffled and grasped for words that hid behind a big shadow; the shadow of my life. I wanted to be honest, but I was too afraid.I was not feeling close to God, … Continue reading The Messy Wonderful of Monday

Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

First the children got the cold. Quinten sounds like a chain-smoking waitress in a seedy coffee shop. If Sheldon and Quinten's noses entered the Boston Marathon, they'd come in first and second place. Yes. That's how fast they run. You're welcome.We've been surviving by watching Peter Pan over, and over and over. I yell "Stop … Continue reading Some Snail Slurps and A Tree Frog

Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns

Sometimes, my husband tells me stories about his childhood. They usually involve weapons. Last night I had the privilege of hearing the following tale while washing the chili-bean bowls.Derrick: "When my mom went out of town once, my dad turned out all the lights in the house, opened the sliders and doors, and he gave … Continue reading Derrick Tells Another Story…With Guns