For the Winter

It doesn't snow here. Things in the Winter are more grey than white, more overgrown than blanketed, and more depressed than they should be.┬áDepression can find anyone, even if the Anyone has a fleet of red bicycles and a moose hatted child in plain sight to cheer them.In January I talk to myself. Things look … Continue reading For the Winter

The Dollar Tree Is Priceless And Other Wednesday Happenings

I roll myself out of bed with a heave and a hoe, and I stumble into the hallway to get everyone some early morning milk, sippy cup style.On the way to the kitchen I stop to extract the "Cootie" game from the game cupboard, and I watch as my son dumps plastic caterpillar parts all … Continue reading The Dollar Tree Is Priceless And Other Wednesday Happenings

Seriously, What Is Going On Here?

If I had a business card, it would list my occupation as, "Aspiring Napper, Professional Laundress"Get it? Because I'm tired...and I'm doing a lot of laundry. I'm totally living a life that demands a blog update. I haven't really been faithful to blogging lately, but thanks to refreshing ice water and a sudden burst of … Continue reading Seriously, What Is Going On Here?

I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

Rocket ManCandle in the WindBenny and the JetsTiny Dancerumm...Crocodile RockThat's all I've got. I just had to share another "Shel in Costume" moment. I don't know what is going on with this dude and dressing up, but I do know that I find it hilarious. I just go about my business, making peanut butter and … Continue reading I’m A Celebrity, Mom: Photographic Proof

Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

This Monday I give thanks for fresh strawberries straight from the patchand the little boys who eat them.For an overabundance (no such thing) of snapdragonsand the momma who grew them.For little babies who are growing up fastbut still know how to snuggle and suck their thumb.And for the Grandpa's who hold them.It's been a whirling … Continue reading Thanksgiving In May: It’s How I Roll

When Two Happens

On the eve of his Birthday he danced in circles and laughed as he fell down. I watched him run ahead as we walked the Farmer's Market, and soon his face was stained with samples from cherries and strawberries. He shared a bag of mini donuts with his brother, who wouldn't share with his mother, … Continue reading When Two Happens

Flowers and Fire Trucks

I've been up to my ears in Childhood! It makes thankfulness comes easy...unless I haven't had a nap, unless I haven't had a snack, unless I'm sick, unless my children are in a "mood". In those moments, watch me swallow a growl. But who needs a pregnant hormonal whiner?Not you.Not me.What we need are some … Continue reading Flowers and Fire Trucks

Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Every spare piece of paper has been marked in this house, covered with squiggles and circles and polka dot creations that represent Humpback Whales and rainbows. Running out of blank paper is the first thing I'm grateful for today; it's disappearance is a sign of creative little hands. While we're on the subject, I'm also … Continue reading Things That Make Life Sweet and Tasty

Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

Derrick has traipsed off to get man supplies for a Zombie Killing Video Game Extravaganza. By which I mean he is at the grocery store buying snacks.Our roof is almost completed. The bang BANG BANG of the hammer lulls my children to sleep each afternoon at nap time. It should be done tomorrow.Right now everything … Continue reading Zombies In My Living Room? I Am Unfazed.

The Two Sides of Seaweed

I've always thought of seaweed as ugly sea barf. It lies on the beach, with a swarm of flies around it, smelly and wrinkled.It's brown and slimy, ruining my sandy view of paradise.Or, maybe it's liquid gold, strung on a necklace by invisible fingers who pay attention to details while decorating the ocean.It depends on … Continue reading The Two Sides of Seaweed