Phase Two: Mammoth Lakes Kids Fishing Festival

to read Phase One: The Drive click hereFor the third year in a row we went to the Fishing Festival, a magical place where the ponds overflow with trout and other people will clean your fish for you. It was a glorious morning, and we had Papa to help us with the hooks, bait, and the child wrangling. We … Continue reading Phase Two: Mammoth Lakes Kids Fishing Festival

Everyday Conversations

 Today I had the following conversation with my husband via cell phone:"Hey, there's a package from Amazon on the porch," he said."I know, I ordered it," I answered."Well...what is it?""It's an antler," I replied.Silence."An...antler?" he finally repeated."Yes. An antler."More silence."I just...don't know...why I have these conversations anymore," he finally said, "Okay. It's an antler. Love … Continue reading Everyday Conversations

Cain and Abel Paint the House

Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for.  ~Jerry SeinfeldWhen you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, coffee helps. Then the kids wake up and you need a Higher Power and a sense of humor to get you though the day.After they socked each other … Continue reading Cain and Abel Paint the House

Get Out Of My Head Freddy Mercury! (Why Mothering Is A Great Profession)

"I have a sparkle prize for you," he says, placing a closed fist on my desk.I look.I look harder."It's pretend," my three year old informs me, "the prize I gave you is a sparkle prize."I smile. I'm sitting in my ratty wicker chair, the one with an appropriated couch pillow to prevent poking.  I'm trying … Continue reading Get Out Of My Head Freddy Mercury! (Why Mothering Is A Great Profession)

Summer, I Bid You Achoo!

We travel behind the tomato truck. It's hot, it's August, and the tomatoes are orange. The weeds along the lane are yellow now, crispy and golden like cornflakes.The children fall asleep at the first turn, leaving their mother to admire the wispy cornfields growing green, competing with the walnut trees in the other field. The … Continue reading Summer, I Bid You Achoo!

The History, Confessions, and Songs of the Busy Bee

In the dark he recites everything he knows. "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. How now brown cow? ELEVENTEEN!"Eleventeen. The number all children seem to know about, the number that goes with training-wheels and string cheese.I sit by him and he sings to me.The song is about minnows, an octopus, and a whale, but mostly just … Continue reading The History, Confessions, and Songs of the Busy Bee

Where I Forget What I Was Talking About

I just painted my fingernails "Disco Ball" sparkle. For as long as I can remember, I've been a sucker for the sparkle-shiny things in life.Sometimes though, all the glitter and bang catches up with you. Thankfully, I stocked up on peace and quiet this weekend, perhaps a part of me knew I'd be drawn to … Continue reading Where I Forget What I Was Talking About

Growing Up And Messing Up

I live in a world of Goodnight Moon and playdough clumps hidden in the cracks of my dining chairs. Race cars and rocket ships made of used paper towel rolls mingle with my unfolded underwear. I walk the halls with a pedicure, chipped from stumbling over toy trains in the middle of the night.I stroke … Continue reading Growing Up And Messing Up