Picking Sides

Sean Connery. Where you expecting someone else?On Saturday we cuddled on the couch, eating store bought cookies and hugging fluffy bunnies with ironic names. We watched movies and had a dance party and ate pizza and we went home full. Next morning someone woke up with an amazing rash. We fretted and worried and waited for … Continue reading Picking Sides

Pajama Clad Days

My cup has a question mark on it. It's the whole day written on ceramic, a hieroglyphic metaphor for Monday.One baby is at school and the other has the flu and yet another is eating crackers with some brand new molars, hard won through sleepless nights and a half eaten crib.With laundry to wash and … Continue reading Pajama Clad Days

Silence in Springtime

Suddenly I was sick of speaking. I was tired of talking. So, I decided to stop opening my big mouth. I've cut back on Facebook, I've basically killed my Twitter bird, and I have been working hard at watching what I say around my family and friends. And of course, my best efforts aren't producing the best … Continue reading Silence in Springtime

When You Don’t Bow You Miss Babies And Other Low To The Ground Things

I just thought you should know, when I started blogging I was somewhere else.I was almost lost, and entirely hopeless. In my dark place I learned to write, to live in the neat boarders that come with punctuation marks and paragraphs. I counted the pearlescent lotion bottles on the messy bathroom counter as gifts, and … Continue reading When You Don’t Bow You Miss Babies And Other Low To The Ground Things

Waves of Emotion and Unseasonal Pirates

The waves of adventure, mayhem, hilarity and moodiness have been washing over me so quickly that I have been spending all my free energy catching my breath and Christmas shopping. There hasn't been much time for writing.I get a little anxious when my cup gets full. I know I shouldn't be anxious, and I'm pretty … Continue reading Waves of Emotion and Unseasonal Pirates