Bare Branches

I reach to the sky, and I am gnarled, sharp, and desperate.I reach and pray and wait. There's only silence, quiet like a winter afternoon when the sun is blindingly eye level and the shadows are long and tortured. The light is there, but I still feel cold. So I get mad. I throw my … Continue reading Bare Branches

Offspring and Offshoots

As we drove past run down buildings, and sweaty looking men in cowboy hats, and scary looking men with shaved heads and tattoos and tank tops on bikes grasping brown bags...I thought of how different I am from Jesus. He was not afraid of barns and sawdust and broken down buildings; He loved to talk … Continue reading Offspring and Offshoots

Past Ghosts Who Are Slain By Floral Arrangements

The sliced fish swirls around on a plastic river, glowing under track lights and the choices seem unending and I watch him as I sip on my lemon water. His hand, large and pale, reaches then draws back, then reaches. A finger touches a pink plate and then withdraws again, and I sigh and roll … Continue reading Past Ghosts Who Are Slain By Floral Arrangements

Love and Other Fruit

"Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment"- C.S. Lewis...And somehow I find things to annoy me at any moment, so I rarely feel benevolent. When faced to rejoice always and praise God and love my family...I often balk, pout in a corner, and eat a cookie to console myself. … Continue reading Love and Other Fruit

Notes from a Self-Lover Who has Gotten Sick of Herself

I clatter down the hall at an unholy hour to bring demanding voices milk-filled sippy cups and collapse on the couch while tiny fingers clasp my wedding ring. I fall half asleep with a tiny body next to me, and we wait for the sunrise together. I feel dry...dry and tired.I've settled into a comfortable … Continue reading Notes from a Self-Lover Who has Gotten Sick of Herself

A Dirty Jar That Holds the Son

Derrick throws his heavy, strong arm across me, and my shoulder falls asleep. In the dark my mind wanders, and he breathes regularly in my ear, not snoring yet, and I can't reach my itchy nose. Everything's perfect...and nothing is. We live in a world where there is uniqueness on the molecular level and the … Continue reading A Dirty Jar That Holds the Son

What Happens When You Think In The Garden

I went outside at dusk, when you have to squint to see. The spring air was breezy and my poor husband sneezed away in the corner, digging in the hard pan, trying to kill the sprinkler monster that has taken over our front lawn. I ignored his allergic noises and smelled the jasmine in the … Continue reading What Happens When You Think In The Garden

Drama and Conviction

"The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love."-Psalm 145:8In my quest to know the one true God, I happened to find myself in the Old Testament. I read my way through battles, marriages, affairs, assassination attempts and murders. Somewhere around a census and a hanging, David sinned (um, again). He … Continue reading Drama and Conviction

Imitating Pickle Eaters

Someone wants to be just like Daddy (Too bad Dad doesn't have a super cool Spiderman razor).He eats pickles and olives like daddy (not like momma...ew).He does push ups He works outHe borrows Daddy's tools to "fix" thingsHe wants to "pway yegos! (play Legos)" with DaddyHe wants "Dadda come in my room!"He lathers himself in … Continue reading Imitating Pickle Eaters