Silence in Springtime

Suddenly I was sick of speaking. I was tired of talking. So, I decided to stop opening my big mouth. I've cut back on Facebook, I've basically killed my Twitter bird, and I have been working hard at watching what I say around my family and friends. And of course, my best efforts aren't producing the best … Continue reading Silence in Springtime

The Crows Keep The Time

The crows flap their feathers to the rhythm of the drum, to the wind in November dropping seeds on the ground.The wings in the sky are beating to a rhythm, to a beat, to the music of a God who breathes.I can hear Him now, as I watch the black beasts count the measure of … Continue reading The Crows Keep The Time

When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

My sister tells me about her trip to the local Pharmacy and the woman she saw there, the lady with a cart full of kids.The woman tells her children she will give them bloody noses when they get home if they don't STOP IT. My sister cries in the car and together we say "blessed … Continue reading When Things Are Dark And The Squirrels Preach

Strength in Leaves: A Moral in A Bunny Cup

Today I have a huge mess of a house, because the boys took it upon themselves to have a party which involved fruit snacks and green beans, the remnants of which are scattered on my floor. Yesterday was hard too. Someone in a Batman cape and superhero underwear was testing my patience. I may have … Continue reading Strength in Leaves: A Moral in A Bunny Cup

Because I Don’t Own A Foghorn

A week ago, I was here...And it was fourteen ways of beautiful and 6.3 ways of cold. I had a bowl of clam chowder alone and I stared at the clouds out the window. I listened to the sound of voices in a crowded chowder joint, disjointed and rushing, like the waves outside.The person next … Continue reading Because I Don’t Own A Foghorn

Facing My Self-Centeredness in Fall

It's raining and thundering, hooray for Fall (took you long enough!).I started to go for a walk in the dark, and the asphalt smelled like hot rain. The lighting flashed and I turned around and ran home. I wish to be braver, to walk in thunderstorms without fear of fire. Have I told you how … Continue reading Facing My Self-Centeredness in Fall

Offspring and Offshoots

As we drove past run down buildings, and sweaty looking men in cowboy hats, and scary looking men with shaved heads and tattoos and tank tops on bikes grasping brown bags...I thought of how different I am from Jesus. He was not afraid of barns and sawdust and broken down buildings; He loved to talk … Continue reading Offspring and Offshoots

Love and Other Fruit

"Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment"- C.S. Lewis...And somehow I find things to annoy me at any moment, so I rarely feel benevolent. When faced to rejoice always and praise God and love my family...I often balk, pout in a corner, and eat a cookie to console myself. … Continue reading Love and Other Fruit