Looking Past the Garden Tools

There are eighty billion trees in the yard, and they're always, always, always, shedding something. Always.Pokey balls, bark worms, leaves, pine cones, pine needles, tiny birch tree bits, tiny maple tree flowers...and these are all technical terms I'm sure. The messy yard makes me crazy when I'm focused on my rake. If you look at the … Continue reading Looking Past the Garden Tools

Today I Burn Bridges With My Relatives

Last night it rained, wildly pounding the roof and the gutters. The tree branches swayed and bent and the sky was weeping when I went to the bathroom at 3 a.m. Then, the sprinklers came on. We conserve water here, if nothing else. But seriously though, I wouldn't want my weeds to be thirsty.I suppose … Continue reading Today I Burn Bridges With My Relatives

Summer, I Bid You Achoo!

We travel behind the tomato truck. It's hot, it's August, and the tomatoes are orange. The weeds along the lane are yellow now, crispy and golden like cornflakes.The children fall asleep at the first turn, leaving their mother to admire the wispy cornfields growing green, competing with the walnut trees in the other field. The … Continue reading Summer, I Bid You Achoo!

For Saturday Because It Made Me Laugh

He cries out, "TAKE OFF!" and zooms past.  I ask him, "Are you Superman?""Yeah...but no...I don't have the powers.""What powers?""I can't fly," he confesses, eyes to the floor."Oh," I say it surprised. Then I note,  "Superman also has super strength."His eyes light up,"YEAH! If I was Superman, I would fly and be super strong and … Continue reading For Saturday Because It Made Me Laugh

Gratitude Number 307: Romance from Heaven

There is a certain temperature that does something to my blood. Around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, my blood starts to bubble, like pink Champagne and everything in me dances, and I have smiles for the stranger and patience for my children. Today was a sun day, a magic day, a 70 degree day and nothing could … Continue reading Gratitude Number 307: Romance from Heaven

The Aftermath Is an Afterparty

Yesterday was spent in the throes of throw up, but this morning Quinten announced, "Sheldon! My sickness went away in the night when I was sleeping!""Yah."So, he's fine now...which is more than can be said of my couch. This morning I tried to chase Quinten around with the "barf bucket", just in case of a … Continue reading The Aftermath Is an Afterparty

Strength in Leaves: A Moral in A Bunny Cup

Today I have a huge mess of a house, because the boys took it upon themselves to have a party which involved fruit snacks and green beans, the remnants of which are scattered on my floor. Yesterday was hard too. Someone in a Batman cape and superhero underwear was testing my patience. I may have … Continue reading Strength in Leaves: A Moral in A Bunny Cup

This Far I Have Been: Almost Bananas With A Side of Real Estate

There are times in everyone's life, I suppose, when bills come due. You wake up and realize that your house is in a three week escrow (yay?), you don't know where you are going, or what to pack, you discover that your youngest has three doctor appointments in three days, your oldest is driving you … Continue reading This Far I Have Been: Almost Bananas With A Side of Real Estate